The Gaming Video Card For Your Price Range

The Gaming Video Card For Your Price Range

The Gaming Video Card For Your Price Range



In the current California Gold Rush (or is it a Dutch Tulip Mania?) of cryptocurrency mining, finding a great gaming video card in your price range can feel impossible. Some computer part retailers have even reached the point of place two price points for their cards: a lower price for those purchasing single or dual cards for a gaming PC vs a much steeper price for those building mining rigs.

Because of this, you may find it worthwhile to contact your local hardware source directly via phone or in person (yes, just like our Neanderthal ancestors used to do,) to discuss pricing.

While the current price inflation ranges from frustrating to downright infuriating for many once reasonably priced cards, we've tried to pick the three best current video cards for everyone's budget.

The Budget Build

The GTX 1050 2GB, part of GTX's latest 10 Series of video cards, offers an extremely competitive price with features that will appeal to the true budget builder. The 1050 comes in multiple extremely low profile versions. The 1050 also boasts extremely low power consumption. So low that it does not require an additional power cable. The GTX 1050 is essentially a $120(ish) video card capable of being dropped into a bargain refurbished PC, turning it into a humble gaming system capable of running current AAA titles in Full HD at around Medium settings.

 For a comparable Radeon card, look to the Radeon RX 560.

The "I've Earned It" Build

Those willing to dole out a bit more dough will find themselves able to purchase a lot more power. The Radeon RX580 is available in 4GB (if you can find one) and 8GB. Again thanks to you the volatility of the card market, you may find that opting for the 8GB will be the more cost-effective option at this moment.  4GB models often run for just $20 less equivalent 8 GB variants. Regardless of which you choose though, the RX 580 is capable of handling not just the latest AAA titles in Full HD and 1440p, but is VR capable as well. As of the time of this writing, expect to pay anywhere from $250-350 depending which specific card you choose. One drawback of the RX 580 is they tend to be bulky if not outright hulking beasts of cards and slim designs are not available. Buyers should mind just how much space their tower has.

The closest comparable GTX card in this range would be the GTX 1060.

The "Don't Tell My Spouse" Build

No, we're not GTX shills. But when it comes to sheer power with a price tag to blush and boast about, there simply is no replacement for the GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition. Mining and future proofing are among the few practical excuses- er, explanations for purchasing this video card. And with 11GB of memory, VR ready, and 5K resolution, future-proof you will be. Not to mention becoming the envy of pcMasterRace forums across the web. Some people may think spending $1000 on a video card is excessive. We call those people peons.


The best we can do is strive to provide you with the most accurate information and pricing estimates at the given moment.  Prices will continue to fluctuate and until the cryptocurrency markets stabilize or collapse and until then, for better or worse, we live essentially at its whim.

The last piece of advice for those watching video cards prices with clenched fists, faces flush with anxiety waiting for someone, anyone! to sell GPU's at a reasonable price: wait for the next sudden flash crash of a large coin like Bitcoin or Etherium, and immediately search your local craigslist ads to get that darn hardware out of the site of another disillusioned crypto miners.