Picking The Perfect GoPro

Picking The Perfect GoPro



A GoPro can provide you with all sorts of photographic and video graphic evidence of your travels. The adventures you go on will have a significant impact on the model that's right for you. By reviewing some of the available models and their features, you can decide which one is capable of capturing all of the exciting footage around you.





The Hero is the most affordable option at $199. When you're looking for a way to have all of your adventures recorded, whether it's skateboarding or skydiving, this one will do the trick. It's even waterproof up to 33 feet. The photos will give you a 10MP resolution with 10 frames per seconds when you want bursts.

The downside to the Hero is that it's not going to provide the best quality video. At 1440p and 1080p video, it leaves a little to be desired. The faster you're going, the more obvious it will be that the video isn't where it should be. That means that the best adventures for this camera are of the slower nature.

The good news is that it does offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and if you have the GoPro Plus subscription, everything will automatically upload to the cloud.





The Hero5 is when GoPro really starts to show what it's capable of. At $300, it's a great value for what's included. You can take this snowboarding down the mountainside or whitewater rafting down the raging rivers of the Colorado River. It provides you with not only a 12-megapixel photo resolution but also 30 frames per second when it comes to bursts. The video is also impressive at 4K30.

There are a few more advanced features than the Hero, with exposure control as well as pro tune. If you have the Pro 3.5 mm mic adapter, you also get some better audio.

You can opt for continuous photo captures or switch into video mode. Time lapse video is capable as well as night lapse photo and video.





The Hero6 does everything that the Hero5 can do and more and for $400, it should. You get to look forward to it being waterproof up to 33 feet, 4k60 video, and it will wake on hearing your voice. It offers advanced video stabilization, too, which means that you're able to capture a whole lot more impressive video. If you are doing stunts, such as skydiving at 15,000 feet or water skiing across the lake, you don't want a shaky video – and this GoPro will make sure that the video is absolutely flawless. A few additional advanced features you can look forward to include HDR photo capture, touch Zoom, and the ability to offload your videos to a phone using Wi-Fi.





The Fusion is going to require an investment of $700, but when you're an adrenaline junkie, it makes a lot of sense. Video bloggers who get off on sharing their videos in order to bring in a revenue will find this to be well worth the investment. It's not great for the wettest of adventures because it's only waterproof to 16 feet. However, it offers voice control and advanced video stabilization. It's also capable of spherical capture (superb when you're skydiving) as well as OverCapture.

The video resolution is impeccable and with time-lapse photo and video, you can accomplish just about anything.

There's a reason why the GoPro is the go-to camera for crazy, wild adventures. With fast charging thanks to the Supercharger and a GoPro Plus subscription, you can make sure to capture what you want, when you want.



Ultimately, the Hero6 provides the most features, as long as it fits within your budget. You can use it on land, in the water, and anywhere else your adventures might take you.