Ten Fun Products Under 20 Dollars

Ten Fun Products Under 20 Dollars

Oh, great. It's time to shop for your co-worker or friend because it's their birthday, they're getting promoted, or they're retiring. Since you're not made of money, it's important to know about ten fun products that you can buy under $20.

Head Massager

Everyone tends to be tense these days and there's nothing quite like a good head massage to be able to kick back and relax. Since you can't always get into the massage therapist (or even a really good shampoo with the stylist), this is the perfect gift. You can make sure that they have the tingly sensation that starts at their scalp and reaches all the way down to their toes.

Reversible Sequin Pillow Case

It seems as though the reversible sequins are popping up everywhere. You can swipe the pillow in one direction for one color and swipe in the other direction to reverse the color. This makes the perfect gift because people can write passive-aggressive messages, draw emojis, and much more.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

We all know that one person who thinks about happy hour the moment that they walk into work. When they travel, it's important for them to access the best cocktails. Unfortunately, airlines aren't known for their bartending skills. The carry-on cocktail kit provides all of the necessary tools in order to turn a mini bottle into a world-class cocktail.

Money Toilet Paper

Many people feel as though they are throwing money down the toilet anyway. Now, you can help them do that by providing them with a roll of toilet paper that is printed to look like $100 bills.

Alcohol Shotgun

Whether you're shopping for someone who enjoys being the life of the party or you are looking to add some pizzazz to a party you are attending, this alcohol shotgun is going to be perfect. You can pour alcohol directly into the gun and then cock the trigger to shoot. People all over will be opening wide in order to get a shot from you.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

For the friend who is always talking about binge-watching TV shows and movies over the weekend, this is the ideal gift. You can help them turn into a mermaid while lounging on the couch. It's great for kids and adults and will provide the ultimate level of comfort.

Water Bottle Infuser

For the fitness enthusiast, a water bottle infuser makes the perfect gift. Drinking 8 ounces of boring tap water every day can be extremely boring. By placing fruit in the middle of the water bottle, it infuses the water to taste like the fruit. It's a simple solution to making water taste whole lot better.

Inflatable Drink Holder

For the person who loves unicorns, this gift is everything. It will hold a drink and keep it floating in the pool, the ocean, or even a leak.

Laptop Cooling Pad

The thing about laptops is that they can heat up over time. This makes it harder to get work done and makes it uncomfortable to keep on your lap. This LED laptop cooler plugs into the USB port to keep the temperature of a laptop down.

Beverage Chilling Stones

No one likes a warm beverage. However, it is not always the ideal solution because it melts and dilutes the alcohol. Beverage chilling stones go into the freezer and then directly into the drink, providing the best way to keep everything chilled.

With so many great gifts, you can make sure that you find the right one for the special (or not so special someone) you've been tasked to buy for. They can love the gift without you having to go broke in the process.