Top Five iPhone X Cases

Top Five iPhone X Cases


Face it--you really, really want the new iPhone X. This tenth generation model of the iconic phone is truly cutting edge--not only because of the latest tech features, but because it has glass on the front and back is more fragile than earlier models--repairs are going to set you back a lot more. List price on the iPhone X starts at around $1100, but depending on your carrier and the age of your current phone, you can get a buyback to defray the cost, and therefore the monthly charge to your account. 

Eleven hundred bucks is a serious investment for a little glass box you hold in your hand pretty much non stop, so you do need to spring for a case to protect that investment. If your phone stays home on your desk all the time you don't need an armored case, but if you spend time at the beach you do want something waterproof. Here are five of the best cases for you iPhone X, along with some of the pros and cons of each one. 

Silk Base Grip

For everyday use, nothing is going to Base Grip by Silk. It's simple and comes in four colors, a sleek design, and if you drop the phone on the floor you'll probably okay. The edges of the case are a little elevated so if it falls face down the screen has some protection; add the protective film on the screen for more scratch resistance and safety. The Base Grip is remarkably inexpensive--around $14.99--so for a basic, no frills case, the Base Camp is the one. 

Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact

This case isn't kidding around--the Wetsuit Impact is a wetsuit for your phone. While water resistant covers for iPhones aren't as big a deal as they were before Apple made the phones more waterproof--the X model on its own an withstand a splash or a short term dunk--if you want to take underwater pictures or take on Class 4 rapids with your phone, this is the case for you. The Wetsuit Impact keeps your phone completely dry--as long as the rubber stopper on the lightning port is aligned--and can withstand submersion up to 2 meters. Pictures are good with the plastic covering the lens, and the case is dust-tight so it works well on construction sites or safaris. For $80, it's on the pricier side but it's a workhorse of a case. 

The downsides to the case are the bulk--as with any waterproof case--and the sound isn't great with plastic covering the speaker. 

Twelve South Journal Folio Case

Looking for a case to replace your wallet? This leather Folio Case protects your phone in fine leather, and has slots for cards and a pocket for cash. The case props your phone up so you can watch videos in landscape mode, and offers Qi compatible wireless charging. At $40 it's not cheap, but high quality and elegant. 

There aren't many downsides to the Folio Case--it's a little larger than most cases, and it's kind of expensive.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

If you live hard, you need a case that lives with you. The Monarch Case is your phone's best defense against drops. The Monarch looks like a space age case--lots of black layers. It has honeycomb patterned sides so you can keep a good grip on it, and the buttons are easy to reach under all that protection. At $56 it's on the expensive side, and it is bulky.

Case Mate Naked Tough

Want to admire your new iPhone X without a big bulky case covering it up? The Naked Tough is the case for you-- streamlined, transparent plastic that snaps on in, well, a snap--and aligns exactly with the port, speaker, and camera. The Naked Tough passed the military drop test (okay up to 26 feet), mostly because of the double beveled edges. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is UV yellowing resistant, and at $29.99 is not cheap but worth it if you want a transparent case. 

On the other hand, any of these options is well worth it, considering how much you use your phone and the investment you've made.