Seven Essential TSA-Approved Carry-On Items To Take On Your Flight

Seven Essential TSA-Approved Carry-On Items To Take On Your Flight

Packing for a trip can be a nightmare, especially with the strict TSA rules. You want to bring everything you need, and you also want some comfort items. If you forget anything, you have to deal with expensive airport purchases. A well-packed traveler is a happy traveler. Below, are seven essential carry-on items you want to take on your flight. 

1. Collapsible Water Bottle

If you've ever flown before, you know how dry airplanes can be. You could drink those tiny bottles they give on the flight, but those probably won't be enough to quench your thirst. Instead, bring a collapsible water bottle! It will get past security, won't take up much room in your bag, and you can fill it up once you're past security. 

2. Phone Charger

Don't make the mistake of boarding a plane without your phone charger. You don't want to get to your destination and have a dead battery, especially if you are traveling to a location you haven't been before. By having your charger with you, you can give your phone the boost it needs prior to landing. If your battery happens to die before you land, you'll be glad you brought it!

3. Expensive Valuables

Airports do what they can to prevent luggage from being stolen, but it is still a risk. It is important to pack anything of value in your carry-on. Think tablets, phones, jewelry, cameras, really anything that would cost you a lot to replace. People have even stolen clothing before, so if it's something you really care about, bring it on with you. 

4. Entertainment

Who wants to be bored on a long flight? Unless staring at the clouds is your thing, you should pack some entertainment with you. Some books, a tablet, or really anything that suits you will work. If you plan on bringing books, aim for soft-covers so they don't weigh you down. Remember, during take-off and landing, all electronics must be put away, so have something physical with you too. 

5. Fresh Clothes

If you are traveling somewhere with different weather conditions than where you're coming from, don't forget to bring a change of clothes! Could you imagine coming from somewhere sunny and landing in a cold climate? That doesn't sound like a fun way to start your trip. Even if your destination has a similar climate, after sitting on a plane full of strangers you might feel like changing anyways. You can never go wrong with a fresh change of clothes. 

6. A Snack

Unless you'll be satisfied with a small bag of pretzels and can of soda, you want to bring some of your favorite snacks onboard with you. Doing this will also save you money since the snacks sold at the airport can be quite pricey. Remember, to get your snack through airport security, it has to be wrapped and non-liquid. Anything meeting these requirements should have no problem getting through. 

7. Important Documents 

Remember how luggage theft was mentioned above? Your luggage could also be lost, which is unfortunate but it does happen. Now, imagine losing your luggage that had your passport, government ID, flight tickets, and other important documents on it? That'd be a terrible inconvenience, but it could be avoided by bringing those items on your carry-on. You should also bring on things like physical event tickets, anything with your address, and anything with your name, social security number, or any other identifying information. 


You want to have the most convenient, stress-free flight possible. By bringing the above items with you on your carry-on, you're giving yourself a much better chance at that. Packing for a flight can be so overwhelming but if you know what to bring, it will be significantly easier.