What To Add to Your Registry When You Find Out You Are Having A Baby

What To Add to Your Registry When You Find Out You Are Having A Baby

Once you find out you are having a baby, the list of items you need to get can be overwhelming. This is when you register so that friends and family can purchase some of the items that you need. It's often a good idea to wait until the sex of the baby has been identified so that you can choose colors appropriately.

Knowing what to register for will make it easier for you to navigate the store and ensure that you have all of the essentials that are needed.

Infant Car Seat

One of the most important things that you need to get is an infant car seat. This is something that you will use from the very first day that you leave the hospital. Various designs are available, but they plug into the backseat of the car and face the rear of the seat. Some can be easily removed from a base so that you can carry the car seat from the car to the house (or anywhere else) so that you don't have to wake a sleeping baby.


You need a safe place for the baby to sleep. You can find a number of different crib designs, many of which can be adjusted as the baby grows. Some will even convert into a toddler bed so that you don't have to keep purchasing new furniture within the first few years of your baby's life.

In addition to registering for a crib, you will also want a mattress, mattress cover, as well as crib sheets. It's a good idea to get a few sets of crib sheets so that you can always have a fresh set in place while the others are in the laundry.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are becoming more advanced than ever before. When the baby is sleeping and you are in another room, you can be notified if something is going on. Some baby monitors are audio only, allowing you to hear if the baby cries. Some include video, allowing you to check in on the baby to see if he or she has rolled over or if what you heard was actually crying or just a sniffle.

Bath Tub

After the first week of your baby's life, it will be time to give him or her a bath. Various baby bathtubs are available, allowing you to place them inside of a sink or tub. Plenty of bathtub toys and toiletries should also be registered for. You will want a baby-safe bubble bath, moisturizer, and other items. A little plastic duck can even be registered for so that you can test the water before placing your baby inside.


You can never have too many diapers. In fact, most stores will allow you to return diapers that you don't use as long as the pack hasn't been opened. Don't register solely for newborn size, either. Register all the way up to size 4 or 5 so that you can continue to have diapers as you need them.

Bouncers & Other Toys

Babies need constant stimulation. Bouncers can be set on the floor, allowing babies to bounce themselves to sleep. You can also find swings that can be set up using a floor base or hung from a doorframe. Other toys you may want to consider registering for include play mats, allowing babies to get "tummy time" periodically.

The list of items to register for can be overwhelming. However, following a checklist will ensure that you think of everything, including first aid kits, bibs, bottles, sippy cups, and more. It might also be a good idea to bring a current mother with you so that they can help you identify some of the key items you should be registering for.