Best Choice Products 61-Key Electronic Keyboard w/Light-Up Keys, 3 Teaching Modes, H-Stand, Stool, Headphones

Best Choice Products 61-Key Electronic Keyboard w/Light-Up Keys, 3 Teaching Modes, H-Stand, Stool, Headphones

Learning how to play the piano has never been easier! But you might think that I don’t have any idea about the electric keyboards since there are plenty of beginner keyboards out there to choose from. In this article, I will be providing an honest review of best standalone and portable console for beginners, and am positive you will find what you are looking for.

The Best Choice Products 61-Key is considered as one of the best pianos for the beginners 2018. Furthermore, this keyboard comes loaded with numerous learning modes and light up keys to make your learning a breeze. The impressive thing about this instrument is that it comes packed with everything you need to get started right out of the box.

For the price, the piano is exceptional – although you will have to pay a little over $100 for it, you will surely get everything you need. Some of the things you will find in the box are the Best Choice Products 61-Key electric keyboard, keyboard stand, stool (that is amazingly comfortable), power plug, as well as headphones.

When it comes to the sound performance, this electric keyboard is a masterpiece when learning on. But if you indeed become a piano player with the aid of this instrument, then you would probably want to upgrade to something more professional. Another thing I found so interesting about this keyboard is the easiness of learning on this device. The lessons I saw were mainly follow-along with the songs which are programmed in the piano, which was very useful for a beginner. Sometimes I could even set up my laptop behind the keyboard and log on to YouTube lessons to learn – it worked impressively for me. Not to mention that the LCD display screen is incredibly intuitive when it comes to customizing the settings as you want.

Pricing just over $100, this 61-keyboard has more features than I thought. It does have MIDI and sustains, which I didn’t see mentioned in the description. Besides that, the keys light up every time you play that makes it easy to follow what you are doing and even have the keys play themselves. The headphones were handy, since you can practice without disturbing anyone else.

However, there are some things I didn’t like about this keyboard. The headphones supplied with the piano were not excellent quality. Plus, the sound default to 12 was a bit too loud for me – I had to turn it down several levels the first thing when I switch the piano on. But overall, the keyboard is a great investment for the price.


My Final Thoughts and Recommendation

If you are a beginner and would like to learn to play the piano, then the Best Choice Products 61-Key Music Electronic Keyboard might be the best buy for you. The way this electronic keyboard comes loaded with impressive features, it will make any upcoming musician delighted from the start. Moreover, if you have kids at home and you would like them to learn to play the piano, the Best Choice Products 61-Key piano could be the best gift for their birthday. They can learn all by themselves and at their own rhythm.

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